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Streamline Permit to Work Management

Sinica Permit to Work provides full control of the permit process from creation to contractor completion, validity and authorisation, concluding with hand back process after verification. The solution offers a complete electronic audit trail including full document management.


Permit Dashboard

Displays all active and pending permits including work locations, permit supervisors and all associated information and documentation. The dashboard highlights permit issues such as overdue inspections and permit to work  expiry, contractors on site and their associated permits are clearly indicated.

Contractors Database

Holds all contracting company information and associated individual contractor details. Certification at both levels including all associated documentation e.g. RAMS, Inductions, Public Liability etc. including advanced expiry warnings.

Verification & Validity

All eligible contractors upon successful sign in via Sinica Visitor/Contractor Management agree to comply to site rules and permit procedures by electronic signature and photo capture. This confirmation is required for Permit issue and Permit hand-back.

Permit to Work Selection

Advanced Permit selection ensures that all permits available are correctly selected and the Permits that are not applicable (for the work to be undertaken) are clearly understood and confirmed as not required. Permits can be ‘parked’ to ensure that the Contractor and Permit issuer are able to evaluate the specific work area during Permit creation.


• Permit Warning Indicators                  • Full Transaction Logging


• Unlimited Permit Types                        • Fully Customisable Permits


• Authorisation Controls                          • Hand Back Process 


• Problem permits  highlighted            • Compliance warnings


• Document Management                     • Multi Company / Site



Contractors permit to work