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How it works – Visitor Management System

Visitors input their own details into the Sinica system when they arrive and on completion, which includes agreement to your company’s Health & Safety Policy, a visitor badge is automatically printed. An image is captured of your visitor and notification of their arrival sent to nominated staff on the network. A simple but effective solution for signing in guests to meetings, events and conferences.

Pre-register your visitors in advance to enhance their visit experience, by personalising their registration and negating their need to enter details. The SINICA console can be utilised for multi-tenanted sites, displaying each company’s logo, visitors simply select the business they wish to visit. Upload your bespoke Health & Safety Policy, ensuring all entering your building are aware of H&S procedures. Agreement to policies and procedures is required to enable visitors to sign in successfully.

Enrol all employees onto the management console and assign RFID tags to individuals. Each tag contains a unique code allocated to that member of staff. Staff simply swipe in or out as required and SINICA will record their arrival and departure times. An image is captured of those swiping in/out of the building and like the visitor system those within the building running the desktop agent receive notification of staff arrivals/departures.

Select certain members within your company to receive immediate notification of all arrivals and departures. Other members of staff are notified via email as soon as their visitor has signed into the premises. Our unique desktop agent provides access to all personnel and visitor activity and an instant trigger for Emergency Roll Call reports, sent via email to nominated email addresses and selected printers within the building.

The Management Console records all visitor and personnel activity, including visitor’s name and company. Recording of visitor’s vehicle registration, email, CRB Number and address are optional.

SINICA also stores visitor’s details for simplifying ease of access on future visits. Detailed staff attendance reports are available on a daily, weekly or monthly basis as well as general visitor and staff activity reports