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Contractor Management & Compliance

Sinica’s comprehensive contractor compliance functionality helps to ensure Safe working practices are carried out so that your business complies with HSE Standards. Customers who require advanced Contractor management should also investigate our Sinica Permit to Work Manager.

Contractor Compliance

Contractor specific questionnaires and notices display in detail Health & Safety information and onsite  working rules.  All information is stored electronically, allowing questionnaire answers and failed critical  questions that have been overridden by authorised personnel can be reported on, details displayed include Photo ID and Digital signature. 


Keep track of contractor’s documentation such as insurance, RAMS and inductions. Authorized certificates are verified by specific issuers before been associated with individual contractor records. “Live” alerts for users when invalid certificates are due with the ability to set tolerances/warnings for full contractor control.


In addition to the Visitor Activity report, Sinica also includes a Compliance report, that shows details (questions and answers) for both the Visitor and Contractor Questionnaires for each Contractor visit. Contractor’s photo ID and digital signatures are also included.


• H&S Compliance                   • Contractor Questionnaires


• Critical Questions                  • Sign in Hold


• Compliance Reporting         • Certification Management


• Repeat Visit Options             • Pass for Repeat Visits


 Contractor compliance