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Belfor UK continues their commitment to Health & Safety with Sinica.

Belfor UK are the worldwide leader in disaster recovery and property restoration, the company are committed to the safety of each and every employee, visitor and contractor.

After installing the Sinica Visitor and Staff Management System the detailed process of ensuring that all visitors to site are fully aware of and abide by Site Health, Safety and Hygiene rules has now been made more efficient and vastly simplified. Knowledge of the individuals that are on site is crucial in complying with health and safety regulations and emergency procedures.

Belfor UK have invested in the Sinica VSM solution for its industry appropriate functionality, however they were particularly impressed with the Sinica Emergency Roll Call feature, which  ensures they have a comprehensive, dynamic view of whom is on premise at all times.  This functionality, in line with Sinica’s electronic roll call, generates a comprehensive report of all persons on-site and immediately sends it to all Belfor Fire Marshalls and Security Staff.

Belfor are pleased to be providing their visitors with a warm welcome through the Sinica VSM System, whilst reassuring them that the company is committed to ensuring their health and safety during their visit to site by displaying key information.  All visitor data is captured and stored electronically and is available to be printed upon request, thus satisfying legal obligations without the eed for endless paper documents.

Sinica is successfully implemented throughout the UK, within companies who are all required to implement strict visitor controls.

Chris Davies, Belfor UK Ltd Operations Support Manager commented:

“Belfor UK Ltd have found Sincia to be a very effective tool for identifying who is in the building at any one point in time.  The service offered has also been excellent.”

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