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Blends Implement Sinica Visitor / Contractor Management System

Consistency of quality, hygiene and health & safety has always been at the forefront of operations for Blends, who offer a full range of flavours to the Food and Drinks Industry.

Blends invested in Sinica to ensure all visitors were fully aware of, and agreed to, Blends strict rules, policies and procedures – before being allowed on site.

The Sinica system allows Blends to have bespoke notices displayed as visitors register, which ensures safeguarding of their products and compliance with BRC standards. All data is captured electronically and ready to print as required or upon request. This allows legal obligations to be fulfilled at Blends without the need for endless paper based documents, as these are now stored and retrieved electronically. By placing this system in their reception area, Blends are reassuring their visitors that the company is committed to making everyone aware of health, safety and hygiene rules.


“We wanted to be able to provide our visitors with a warm welcome whilst at the same time ensuring that each and every visitor was aware of our particular high standards. Sinica has proven to be a valuable asset and we continually receive positive feedback from our visitors, including customers and auditors”.

Michael Rowark (Operations Director, Blends)


Functionality Key Points:

·         Step-by-step discreet visitor questionnaires to help safeguard food products

·         Visitor agreement to site Health & Safety procedures

·         Validation of contractor / agency staff credentials

·         Automatic notification of visitor arrival to their host

·         Real-time view of all people on site and instant trigger for emergency roll call reports