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Visitor & Staff Management

Sinica Visitor Management System provides a modern focal point in welcoming visitors to site. Sinica effortlessly signs visitors into the Console while comprehensibly capturing important data using our questionnaires and site specific notices. Staff can   pre-register visitors in advance to improve and maximize on the visitor experience. Email and SMS notifications are sent upon sign in.


You only have one chance to make a first impression. Sinica Visitor Management System provides a modern, efficient way to welcome   Visitors and makes that great first impression. The Sinica solution can be branded to fit your companies image using specific logos, notices, images and terminology . Even Visitors’ photo ID badges can reflect your company brand.


Sinica Visitor Management System will direct your visitors through the correct procedure to fully inform them of your H&S requirements. The system will be configured to present Site Notices and essential H&S questions. This ensures that the correct detail is recorded and is subsequently available in the event of an audit.


Staff can also use Sinica when arriving at or leaving work. They can use the touchscreen or can simply swipe their own RFID fobs/cards for convenience.


In the event of an emergency, Sinica can rapidly produce an emergency Roll Call Report which can either be printed or emailed. A list of visitors and staff on site can be produced at any time but the Emergency Roll Call will ensure that  everybody will be evacuated in the event of a problem.


• Notices & Questionnaires              • Photo & Signature Capture


• Visitor Privacy Options                     • Multi Site / Company


• Paper / Card Badges                          • Pass for Repeat Visitors


• Comprehensive Reporting              • Emergency Roll Call



Visitor Management System